Why the Season You Trim Your Trees Matters?

In North County San Diego, the trees throughout your property provide both beauty and shade, but they also are an important part of the ecological system of your neighborhood. As part of your efforts to maintain your trees, it is important to understand when the best time is to do certain aspects of maintenance, including tree trimming.

With droughts and wildfires, which are a real concern in California, it might also weigh into the question of when you should trim your trees. Here is a guide to understanding how the season can impact the timing of your tree trimming and maintenance.

The Timing of Pruning

Determining when is the best time to prune or trim your trees can largely depend on why you are trimming your trees. For instance, if you are doing light trimming and removing dead wood, then you can complete that process at any time throughout the year. However, if you want to do more intense trimming, then it is best to do so during the winter period. Why?

When you complete your tree trimming during the winter, you allow the tree to support new growth in the spring, which can positively impact the health of your trees.

Directing the Growth of Your Trees

Summer trimming can be used to direct the growth of your trees, slowing the branches that you do not want, but the pruning should be done after the seasonal growth is complete. The slowing effect will reduce the total leaf surface, reducing the amount of food manufactured and sent down to the roots of the tree.

Defective limbs can also be spotted and addressed during the summer months. You can also find the limbs that are hanging down because there is too much weight on those areas of the trees.

If you are considering trimming your trees, it is important to work with a certified arborist, one who can help you to determine the type of maintenance your trees are going to need. Contact us today for a consultation on the needs of your trees.

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