Weeding Out Poor Prospects: How to Choose a Certified Arborist

Your trees are a beautiful extension of your home and contribute greatly to the overall curb appeal of your property while providing environmental benefits as well. Like any part of your home, working with professionals will guarantee the health and longevity of your trees. Arborists can bring a unique set of knowledge and skills that can assist you in addressing the needs of your trees.

An arborist can determine the type of pruning needed to maintain or improve the health and wellness of your trees, as well as assist in determining if a tree removal is necessary. Some arborists may also assist in planting trees, as well as providing recommendations regarding the best species for your location.

Continue reading to learn how to find the right certified arborist for your horticultural needs.

What To Look For In A Certified Arborist

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports 41,140 employees working in the tree-trimming and pruning industry. That is a lot of people working for a lot of different companies. How are you to separate the wheat from the chaff?

Check For Licensing, Bonding, and Insurance

In the San Diego area, a tree service needs to have a D-49 state contractors’ license to operate. Unlicensed tree services can use the claim of having an arborist, but in fact, not be licensed to provide services in the state of California. It is important to verify that they are a licensed service before allowing them to work on your trees.

Ask for proof of insurance. You may even want to call and verify with the insurance company that personal and property damage insurance is in place before hiring a tree service.

Do not hesitate to ask for referrals. Reputable tree services can provide a list of referrals or people that they have worked with in the past or that may be annual customers. Call a few of those referrals to get a candid take on what to expect regarding service and quality.

Ask For Credentials

The International Society of Arborists (ISA) offers its members access to resources and continued education discounts. An arborist that meets ISA credentials demonstrates that they have the knowledge and skills to care for trees properly.

Getting any ISA credential requires the successful completion of separate independent exams. Once an arborist has the credential, then there are requirements of continuing education to keep it. Tree services with ISA certified arborists stand out from the crowd of licensed tree service providers available.

Are You Looking For An Arborist In San Diego?

An ISA certified arborist does a lot more than simply cut branches and trim leaves. Those credentials require an understanding of botany, laws, and legislation. With that knowledge and experience, your trees will receive the quality care that they deserve.

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