5 Ways Trimming Your Trees Helps Them Grow

Trees can be an amazing asset to your property no matter where the location but especially in San Diego. Being a major county San Diego boasts so much beauty from the beaches; mountains and close proximity to adventures, but what makes the most beautiful cities in San Diego County stand out are the trees, meticulous landscaping and lush hills. Not only do trees provide beauty, but trees offer practical benefits, such as the production of oxygen, shade for you and your home, privacy and food or shelter for various animals and insects. Caring for your trees is a way to say thank you for all they do and contribute to keeping them healthy for years to come.

Part of any tree care routine needs to include trimming or pruning of the branches and other areas. Doing so will allow your trees to thrive. Here are 5 ways that trimming your trees can help them to grow.

Prevent Tree Disease

When you trim away dead or diseased tree branches, you are essentially giving your tree a second chance, because it will not be using its resources to support these areas. You can also prevent the spread of destructive insects or disease to the rest of the tree or other trees within your yard. Thus, you are promoting healthy and sustainable growth.

Promote Tree Growth

When you trim your trees, you are getting rid of the dead parts that could be inhibiting growth or limiting the ability of nutrients to reach other areas of the tree. The lack of nutrients could be part of the reason that your tree’s growth appears stunted. By ridding your tree of these obstacles through trimming, you can help the tree restore its natural growth pattern.

Practice Tree Safety

When it comes to trees and safety, regularly trimming can reduce the chances of a dead limb falling on someone or doing damage to a home or other buildings. Plus, a regularly trimmed tree is safer for the tree itself, as there is less likely to be damage to the tree from a dead or heavy limb as it falls. You also can reduce the number of hiding places for potentially dangerous insects such as bees, rodents, or even snakes.

Hinder Tree Fire Risk

Here in Southern California, we are familiar with the dangers associated with dried underbrush and dead tree limbs. By regularly trimming your trees, you reduce the likelihood of fire being able to spread, because you are limiting its potential fuel supply. Plus, working with a certified arborist, you can remove trees or shrubs that are close to your roof, as well as clear out dead branches and pruning lower branches 5-6 feet above off the ground.

Increase Light and Air Penetration

When your trees become overgrown, it can be hard for light and air to reach the inner sections of the tree, which can damage its health. When you trim your trees regularly, you can avoid choking your trees and give them the air and light they need to grow and remain strong. It can also help the landscape below as the air and light increase.

Trimming your trees is an important part of maintaining your yard. However, doing it alone can be time-consuming and potentially dangerous. Working with a San Diego tree trimming service for proper tree removal or the removal of dead branches can help make this task easier.

Our experienced staff and certified arborists can help you with trimming your trees, but we can also help you to find the right trees to thrive in your North County San Diego yard, including those that can do well in drought-like conditions. Contact us today to schedule an evaluation of your trees today!

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