When Is the Best Time To Trim My Trees

At Tree Barber, we receive many inquires from people asking us about trimming their trees and when the best time of the year is to undertake this task. The answer to that question depends upon what type of tree it is – whether it’s a nut tree, a citrus tree, pine tree, oak tree and so on. We encourage you to give us a call if you need some advice about when you should trim your trees. We would be able to share a few tips regarding the optimal time of the year to trim some of the most popular trees found in San Diego County.

Hong King Orchid

For those of you who have Hong Kong Orchid trees, the best time to trim these trees is during the summertime. This is because these trees go into a semi-deciduous mode during the summer months when most other trees are in full bloom.

Pine Trees

If you have pine trees, don’t trim them during the hottest part of the year. Instead, wait until the coolest time of the year, as this will prevent them from dropping too much sap. Plus, when pine trees are trimmed during the warmest time of the year, it puts a tremendous amount of stress on the trees, which jeopardizes their health.

Fruit Trees

The best time of the year to trim fruit trees is during the dormant season, which runs from December or January (best) until mid-February. When fruit trees are trimmed during the summer months, it slows the fruit ripening process and exposes the fruit to sun damage. However, summer pruning can be done right after harvest as a way to slow down overly vigorous trees or for fruit trees that are large.

Deciduous Trees

The optimal time to trim most deciduous trees (trees that lose their leaves in fall or winter) such as Chinese elms and fruitless olive trees is during the growing season from spring into summer. This is when you can keep the trees at the size you want and ‘in bounds’ so they fit within their given area. If you wish to do some serious limb removal on deciduous trees, wait until they’re dormant during the winter season.

The tree professionals at Tree Barber are always happy to answer any questions you have about the trees growing on your property so just ask! Our owner is a certified arborist which means he’s a tree expert who has passed a comprehensive examination developed by some of the nation’s leading tree care experts. We are proud to help North County San Diego residents, business owners, municipalities and government agencies care for their trees as we’re committed to the local community and the environment in which we live.

View our YouTube video to hear what Paul Rider, our Certified Arborist has to say about pruning Hong King orchids and some of the other trees mentioned above.

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