How San Diego Trees May Be the Ally to Fight Against Climate Change

Scientists predict climate change will cause sea levels to rise eight feet by 2100. Not only is this a problem for people living on the coasts, but it’ll affect everyone’s air quality, agriculture, wildlife, and weather.

The good news is there’s something we can all do to reverse this trend.

While our government works on big policy changes, areas like North County San Diego and communities across the nation are implementing sustainable initiatives using trees. Have you heard about the trees in San Diego?

Keep reading to learn more about the San Diego trees program.

What’s the San Diego Trees Initiative?

The City of San Diego started an ambitious program in 2015 to plant thousands of trees and increase the city’s urban canopy by 35% by 2035.

The city’s first benchmark is 15% coverage by this year. High-resolution imagery has shown it’s already 13% covered.

The city is planting thousands of new trees, but they’ve also developed a plan to manage existing trees better.

The city received a $750,000 grant from California’s Department of Forestry. They will also partner with environmental and community organizations to get the job done.

City staffs are identifying streets, parks, highways, residences, and industrial properties for plantings. These new trees will help fight climate change and improve city aesthetics.

The Environmental Benefits of Trees

More trees and plants make communities look better.

The City of San Diego has made it clear this initiative is designed to curb the effects of climate change specifically.

It may sound too simplistic, but trees have “mind-blowing” effects on the environment.

Trees absorb and process carbon dioxide, which is in the air at higher quantities than ever before. CO2 is mainly responsible for global warming.

A worldwide planting program, similar to the one adopted in San Diego, could remove two-thirds of all CO2 emissions.

The benefits of having more trees doesn’t stop there. They also capture storm water, prevent erosion, provide shade that reduces energy costs, and act as habitat for local birds or mammals.

How Can You Help Tree Planting in San Diego?

Do you live in North County San Diego and want to help increase the urban canopy? Homeowners planting new trees on their property is a great way to support the cause.

Here are some of the best tree species for San Diego:

  1. The Desert Willow: A tree growing in a variety of shapes with beautiful pink flowers
  2. Chaste Tree: An evergreen shrub that attracts butterflies
  3. Phoenix Mesquite: A hardwood tree that thrives in sunlight
  4. Cercidium X: A beautiful shade tree with yellow blossoms
  5. Olea Europaea: An olive tree that helps reduce allergens in the air

These trees will make your yard look fantastic. They offer shade from the California sun and help boost the city’s urban canopy.

With the wildfires breaking out in southern California, having trees on your property also act as natural fire barriers.

Maximize Your Home’s Landscaping

Now you understand why San Diego trees are so important. Planting trees is relatively easy, and they have a significant impact on the environment.

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