San Diego Tree Care: Preparing Trees for Fall

Trees do not just beautify your yard.

They provide shade, improve water and soil retention, and increase local wildlife habitats. Mature trees can even increase the value of your home. To make sure you get the most out of these great green giants, especially in the cooler months of fall and winter, you need to follow some essential fall tree maintenance tips.

Not sure whether your trees require a prune? Read on to learn more about essential North County San Diego tree care for the fall.

Protect Your Trees From Cold Weather

When it comes to tree care, North County San Diego temperatures are typically mild and harmless. Yet, the region is no stranger to cold snaps and frosts in the depths of winter.

During late fall and well into winter, keep a close eye on weather reports. Prepare a cold-weather tree protection kit so it is ready to go when the thermometer dips. You don’t want to wake up to a bunch of dead trees!

If the tree is small, cover it with a large sheet and mulch the ground around the roots the day before a predicted cold snap. This method will help to insulate the plant against the icy temperatures. If a tree gets covered in frost, ice, or snow, let it melt naturally off branches and trunks.

Fertilize Now for Good Health Later

In the San Diego climate, fall is the perfect time to feed your trees with a quality fertilizer.

As the temperatures drop, the soil cools. This drop leads to cooler roots, which are more receptive to feeding. There is just the right amount of rainfall–not too much, not too little.

While trees take some nutrients out of the soil–created through the natural decomposition of organic matter and minerals deposited when it rains–there usually is not enough to keep them healthy. They have to compete with other plants and trees for those nutrients and can suffer from deficiencies. A healthy tree is also more resistant to pests and diseases.

Professional companies, like Tree Barber, can offer San Diego-specific advice on the best fertilizers, mulching, and root pruning to suit your fall tree care needs.

San Diego Tree Care: Tree and Stump Removal

Fall is an excellent time to consider removing a problematic or dangerous tree or pulling up an old tree stump that is getting in the way of your landscaping.

When a tree is severely damaged or diseased, it can fall, or branches can fall off. This situation poses a threat to pedestrians and nearby roads and buildings. In these cases, an arborist will recommend that they remove the tree.

The cold and damp of winter can make a damaged tree deteriorate even faster. If you think you have a tree on your property that you need to remove, get a consultation sooner rather than later. Tree removal is a complex process and should always be undertaken by a trained tree removal San Diego professional.

Work With a Certified Arborist

When looking to work with a company for any fall tree care, it is crucial to select a company that hires Certified Arborists. These skilled, qualified professionals know the latest tree trimming and pruning techniques and safely use the latest equipment.

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