Safety Pruning For Clearance and Visibility

Safety pruning your trees and landscape is necessary when clearance and visibility have become an issue. If a tree is in the way and jeopardizing clearance, then it is vital that pruning takes place for the safety of everyone. While our goal is to always preserve trees and other landscape, there are times when they create hazardous conditions for residents who live in the area.

When Is It Time To Practice Safety Pruning?

Often times, we plant trees and shrubs without a thought of how tall they may become, or what their leaves and branches may obstruct in the future. Even if we do keep these things in mind, landscape sometimes creates unforeseeable issues.

Here are just instances when trees and other landscape can create hazardous situations.

  • Trees Planted Close to Sidewalks – As the tree grows and the roots get bigger it can cause the sidewalk to crack, as well as push up on the pavement. This will make an uneven walkway for people to travel on.
  • Power Lines – Trees often cause issues with power lines. When this occurs, safety pruning is absolutely necessary. At this point, the power company would become involved and be responsible for trimming the tree.
  • Visibility on Roadways – Landscape that becomes overgrown can cause an obstruction of visibility. Visibility and clearance must remain intact for those who are driving. When this becomes an issue, shrubbery and trees will have to be trimmed for the safety of everyone.
  • Structural Damage – Oftentimes, trees can cause structural damage to a home. This can happen without the owner realizing until its too late. Ensure you keep a good eye on all surrounding landscape to prevent these types of issues.

How to Prevent Issues From Occurring

When you are planning to plant a tree or other types of landscape, be mindful of where you are placing it. Ensure that there is plenty of room for growth. Consider how tall the tree or plant may grow, and look around to ensure there is nothing in its path that could be destroyed when roots become mature. Maintain your landscape by regularly pruning it. Accounting for the tree’s ultimate height and growth could save you a lot of headaches in the long run.

Clearance Pruning for Structures

Trees can easily grow too close to gutters, roofs, fences, foundations, and siding. When this is the case, there is a chance that structural damage will occur. It is recommended that pruning be conducted on small trees that are 3 feet over a roof and large trees that are within 10 feet over a roof.

Also, be mindful of the damage that could occur from swaying branches. A professional tree service is well equipped to care for problematic trees that are causing structural damage. They will ensure safety remains intact while pruning.

Safety Pruning Best Practice

Frequent pruning may have to take place. It will all depend on the growth rate of the landscape and trees. When it comes to safety pruning, you will want to leave it to a professional. There are many risks involved, and homeowners are not equipped to care for these types of dangerous situations.

A professional tree service will typically offer a free estimate. During this time, they can make recommendations for clearance pruning and how frequently it may need to be done. It is a wonderful thing to be surrounded by beautiful trees and landscape. No one wants to remove them, but there are instances when they can cause dangerous situations. When this occurs, you must consider safety pruning for you and everyone who may come on your property.

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