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The Strawberry Tree (Arbutus unedo) has a spreading canopy that produces dense shade which makes it ideal as a small patio tree, shade tree, or screen hedge.
It is most often seen and used as a rounded evergreen shrub or small tree that can reach 8 to 15 feet in height with an equal canopy. It’s dark, reddish/brown trunk and lush, dark green leaves make it a beautiful addition to just about any landscape. Strawberry Trees grow at a slow to medium pace and do well in either full sun or partial shade.

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Water Needs

Moist to dry soil


Full sun to full shade


20-35 feet

Canopy Width

20-35 feet

Growth Rate

12-24 inches per season


Fall or Winter
Showy, white


Fall or Winter
Medium, prolific, orange or red berry

Pest & Disease

Resistant to Oak Root Fungus; susceptible to Scales and Thrip, Anthracnose, Phytophthora, Root Rot and Rust

Fire Resistance


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