5 Ways Climate Change Is Impacting The Health of Trees

Weather is changing how plants grow, particularly trees. Those trees native to an area might not be prepared for the shifting weather patterns that can negatively impact them. Think of the continually reduced rainfall for California, even in southern California. A tree that was traditionally used to a higher rainfall may struggle to maintain its health.

With that in mind, here are five ways that climate change might be impacting your trees and what you can do to help them maintain their health.

Increasing Infestations of Insects

Trees throughout California are facing infestations of tree-killing insects that could be contributed to climate drivers. The result is that large number of trees are dying as a result and that can negatively impact the size of forests. Working with a certified arborist, you can check your trees to determine if they are sick.

According to research by the California Department of Forestry indicates that the bark beetle carries a fungus that leads to pitch canker disease. There are at least ten counties that have reported these infestations.

Growing Amount of Fuel for Wildfires

As trees die or become unhealthy due to these infestations, the trees now become fuel for wildfires. California continues to deal with reduced rainfall, making these sources of fuel even more of a concern. Climate change is now impacting weather patterns, thus increasing the likelihood of wildfires becoming more difficult to control as time goes on.

Since 2000, fifteen of the largest wildfires in California have occurred, matching two decades that have included the state’s hottest and driest years.

Lengthening Dry Season Means Less Resources

Trees need a certain amount of water and other resources. As California has gotten drier, with its summer dry season lengthening, then plants and trees dry out more. Now they are more susceptible to burning, but also more susceptible to increasing wind damage.

Trees that dry out are easier to blow over and that can cause damage to homes and other property. With the increasing fires and potential storm damage from trees due to less rain, it is worth carefully considering the trees that you choose to plant on your property.

For instance, choosing a tree that requires a significant amount of water or rain may not be the best option for your property, especially if your home is in a significantly dry area. In San Diego, for instance, the amount of rain can be impacted by what is happening in the Pacific Ocean, and whether it is an El Nino year or not.

Windstorms Create Greater Damage

Storms have also begun to increase their intensity, meaning that they are going to cause more damage by bringing down trees and their limbs. The healthier trees are able to survive these storms, but the less healthy trees are at greater risk of being damaged during these weather events.

Trees with dried out limbs in particular are going to be a safety hazard. Using safety pruning, working with a certified arborist, you can reduce the potential damage done by your trees during windstorms. After all, the increasing number of storms mean that wind and rain can bring down dried out limbs even more extensively than before.

Certified arborists can also help you to determine if your trees are infected and give you the best options for safety pruning in San Diego County to reduce the damage done by dead or dying limbs.

Inconsistent Weather Negatively Impacts Your Trees

The hardiness and health of your plants and trees can be negatively impacted by inconsistent weather. Tissue and limbs that die are necessary for the survival of the tree. Recognize that even when a tree has lost its leaves, the tree itself is not dormant. If that non-dormant tissue is killed off, then the tree will struggle to get the nutrients that it needs.

If you are choosing trees to put on your property, then you need to pick ones that can easily adapt to the changing temperatures and weather patterns.

Climate change is a reality and that means it is going to impact your trees. To keep your property safe, then you are going to want to employ safety pruning. Working with a certified arborist, you can help your trees manage the realities of changing weather and less rainfall. Contact us today to schedule your appointment to have your trees checked out and determine what pruning might need to be done.

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