How Inconsistent Weather Can Impact Your Trees

Trees are seen as a strong plant, and one that can survive in a variety of conditions. However, when weather is inconsistent, it can negatively impact your trees and their ability to remain healthy. With that in mind, here are key reasons to choose trees for your landscaping that fit the weather of the North County San Diego region.

The Effect of Cold on Trees

No matter what happens to a plant, it can impact the hardiness and health of that plant. For instance, a lack of water could cause wilting. Too much or too little of the nutrients they need can negatively impact your trees. Cold is a condition, however, that can have a greater impact because of the damage it can do to the small branches and twigs.

These parts of the tree are not dormant, so the result can be blackened stems and the death of tissue needed for the tree’s survival. When a region’s weather is inconsistent, this type of damage can happen more frequently, which can make it hard for the tree to get the nutrients it needs. Unfortunately, the effects of a sudden cold snap are often not seen until after spring begins, and you see the areas of the tree where no growth is evident.

To assist your trees, it is important to choose trees that can adapt to changing temperatures, especially if they are native to the area. Frost barriers are also helpful, as they can provide protect during unpredictable turns in the weather.

Trees Don’t Consult the Calendar

The difficulty with unpredictable weather is that trees and plants do not know it is still too cold out. A warm day or two can trigger a tree to begin the flowering process, only to have them then struggle with a swing in temperatures. While trees are used to a level of this unpredictability, it can mean a fruit tree could be at risk of frost damage, which means it will not produce fruit that year.

While that might not be a long-term consequence, for young trees just starting out, the damage could be longer lasting and potentially throw off a variety of relationships within the regional network of ecological relationships.

Impact of Drought on Fall Foliage

For those trees that typically lose their leaves, severe drought from unpredictable weather can cause trees to start losing their leaves earlier, or even have them skip changing color at all. Modern drought can push trees to hold off on changing color and impact the metabolic changes of a tree preparing for winter weather.

While trees in the North County San Diego area are less impacted by cold, drought continues to be an ongoing concern. If you are considering planting a tree as part of your landscaping, it is important to consult with a certified arborist, who is knowledgeable about the trees in your area. It will help you to make the best choice for your yard. If you already have trees and want to have them accessed to determine what is needed, contact us today.

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