Why San Diego’s June Gloom is Important for Coastal Trees

June in North County San Diego can be a shocking experience if visiting for the first time. When June Gloom hits, the morning to afternoon sun goes away. Grey skies and mist-like conditions take over. It is understandable that so many people dislike it!

Did you know that June Gloom is actually really important for the trees of the region?

Let’s go through what June Gloom is, and why June Gloom is actually a good thing for North County San Diego trees and the environment at large.

What Is June Gloom?

June Gloom is a weather phenomenon in California. Clouds lay low on the horizon and block out the sunshine that the state is known for. Actinoform clouds, the clouds that cause June Gloom, are formed when warmer weather from the desert meets cool air from the Pacific Ocean. Bam! Cloud cover. The phenomenon is also called a weather inversion.

June Gloom also happens in other areas of the West Coast, like the Pacific Northwest, but the difference in weather isn’t quite so pronounced. Also, June Gloom does not always happen in June — it can come early or late, in May or July.

June Gloom can be a problem for people taking a vacation to California, or people who like to spend their days at the beach.

Yet, June Gloom is very helpful for the environment, especially for the health and safety of trees.

How Does June Gloom Help The Health of San Diego Trees?

While it is an inconvenience for people who love the outdoors, but it is really beneficial for the trees, especially those in drier areas, like San Diego trees.

The clouds provide moisture to the trees and other greenery, which makes it easier for them to get through the tough summer months.

California is also terribly prone to droughts. It is only gotten worse as climate change has altered our environment. At first, a drought just may cause your trees to temporary wilt, and to lose some leaves. If trees are not properly cared for during droughts, their growth can stop, their branches can be damaged, or they can die entirely.

Droughts can also cause insects that are bad for the health of the tree, such as bark beetles, to swarm. Some bugs that normally would not cause too much damage, like aphids, can be even more detrimental to trees when a drought is going on. Consulting a tree pest removal service can help keep your trees healthy, but it would certainly be better to not have the problem in the first place!

Unfortunately, climate change may get rid of June Gloom eventually. That would be very dangerous for the trees in California!

June Gloom has a Sunny Side, After All

As you can see, June Gloom might be a little hard for humans to bear, but it is really important for our trees and vegetation. So, next time you are wondering why June Gloom is graying out the San Diego coast, remember that there are some positives to it.

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