Western Redbud: Edible Flowers and Drought Tolerance. 7 Reasons This Is a Great San Diego Tree Choice

Even in a year where nothing seems normal, nature keeps moving along. In many areas, the brilliant colors of fall leaves take the edge off the current doom and gloom.

If you are not big on autumn, you might already be longing for spring and summer. Yet, as lovely as green leaves and white blossoms are, there is no match for the brilliant reds and oranges of fall. It is hard to find spring and summer trees with such vivid colors, or is it?

Not so! With a western redbud in your yard, you can enjoy deep red-pink flowers throughout the springtime and into the start of summer.

You might be surprised to learn that western redbuds’ splash of color is only one benefit they offer out of many. Check out this list of some other excellent reasons to plant western redbud trees.

1. Western Redbuds Are Trees Native to California

There is a lot of push in modern gardening to plant native flora. Growing plants native to your area enrich local ecosystems. Birds, insects, and other animals evolved to eat and live in these plants, not introduced species.

Exotic plants steal sun and nutrients from local flora. When imports outcompete native species, they encourage invasive animal species and disrupt your area’s environment forever.

Some other benefits of native plants include easy maintenance and a much better chance of survival. Native plants are smart choices for beginning gardeners and pros alike. Western redbuds are a beautiful and easy native California tree species.

2. Hungry? Snack on a Western Redbud Blossom

Landscaping and ornamental gardening are not the only fields with a local focus: The culinary world is at least as passionate about native plants, if not more so. The homegrown food movement encourages community farmers and home gardeners alike.

Western redbuds let you combine these passions. Believe it or not, redbud blossoms are edible.

They are a good vitamin C source that you can preserve in pickling solution or turn into jelly for use throughout the year. Roasted redbud seeds are also a traditional food of the Navajo Nation, a people native to other parts of the western redbud’s natural habitat.

3. Try a Backyard Natural Health Remedy

If you are looking for something to do while you stay virus-free in your home, try researching local herbal medicine. You might be surprised to learn all of the natural remedies growing in your back yard.

Do the research and look for drug interactions as you would with any other new medicine because herbal medications can react with other drugs as much as any mass-produced prescription. If you take other medications, talk to your doctor before trying it.

4. Craft Using Redbud Bark, Wood, and Blossoms

Redbuds are easy on the eyes and can give you inspiration for making art. That is not all: You can use the plants to make art, too.

Navajo basket-weavers and other artists use the redbud’s flexible, reddish-brown bark in intricate woven art pieces. You can also use redbud wood for crafting.

If you are not eating redbud flowers, you can press and dry them to make their fragile beauty permanent.

5. These Trees Do Not Need Much Water in a California Drought

As you read, western redbud trees are optimized for life in San Diego. A particular benefit of native North County San Diego California trees is that they are plants that do not need much water during the dry season.

North County San Diegos recent historic droughts led local governments to institute water restrictions. These laws are frustrating at times, but we need them to protect the environment and for our own water needs in the face of evaporating reservoirs.

As challenging as the restrictions might seem to navigate, you don’t need to sacrifice any of your outdoor beauty.

6. Prefer Bushes Over Trees? No Problem

North San Diego counties real estate is expensive, so most of us do not have huge yards. No matter how much you love gardening, you have a limited amount of space for planting trees. This reality means you have to make tough decisions when choosing plants.

You might be reading this article, thinking, “Well, that’s all fine and good, but I have enough trees. I am looking for bushes!”

Here is some surprising news: Redbud trees make great bushes, too. If you are careful when trimming them as they grow, you can keep them low to the ground in bush form.

This option is an excellent way to plant redbud trees if you have as many trees as you want or are up against neighborhood planting regulations on more trees. Perhaps the space you have for planting is in front of a window, and you do not want to block the whole view.

You can use redbuds like you use other shrubs. For example, you could use them to separate your property from your neighbors’ or for decorative flanking of your driveway.

Most bushes come in shades of green but planting redbud trees as bushes let you break up the monotony.

7. Bring Butterflies and Hummingbirds to Your Yard

Who does not love butterflies and hummingbirds? Even people wary of insects make exceptions for butterflies, and the most bug-averse of us still love to see cute and enchanting hummingbirds hovering above the bushes.

These pollinators love redbud blossoms as much as—or more than—people do. You can hang hummingbird feeders in redbud trees and enjoy the show or watch the action in the bushes from your window.

Even if you do not care to watch wildlife, promoting local pollinators helps biodiversity and agriculture alike. Adding native flowering plants like the western redbud tree to your yard does your community a favor. Since these trees bloom every year, the effect of your choice lasts for decades.

Treat Your Trees to the Best Care in San Diego

Now you have some great reasons to add a western redbud to your San Diego yard. This tree can help brighten your mood in trying times and will be a beautiful fixture of your neighborhood for decades to come.

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