Tree Care & Nesting Birds

We often have clients ask about how tree care interferes with local wildlife such as birds. There are actually Federal and State regulations to protect wildlife in relation to tree services. North County San Diego has a wide array of nesting bird species, it’s important that your tree care professional is familiar with and adheres to wildlife protection regulations.

Birds and other wildlife not only use trees as shelter and nest sites, but they also rely on trees for their food. There are many laws protecting wildlife; the Federal Migratory Bird Treaty Act of 1918 states that it is against the law to kill or injure native birds, fledglings, eggs or active nests. Injuring a bird also includes regulations regarding scaring parents away from eggs or their young.

No Harm No Fowl

Nearly all bird nests are protected by law, but many homeowners aren’t aware of the regulations and practices used to protect our wildlife. A Certified Arborist should be knowledgable and experienced with protecting the local wildlife that inhabit the trees and landscape. While it’s best to leave old or abandoned nests, they can often be removed. However, large stick nests have special protection and shouldn’t be interfered with.

Most nesting birds are at risk in spring and summer. Simply inspecting the trees for nesting signs is the first step. Nests can be found throughout the tree including under palm fronds and holes in dead tree trunks and limbs. Any discovered nests should be checked for eggs and young birds which determines whether or not it’s considered an active nest. If there is an active nest, the tree work should be postponed or worked around until the young birds have left their nest.

If a nest or bird is injured, a wildlife rehabilitation center should be contacted. You never want to handle or move the nest in any way. In North County San Diego, the Fund for Animals Wildlife Center can be contacted at (760) 789-2324. You can also visit the California Department of Fish & Wildlife website for a list of rehabilitators.

No Egrets

Trusting your trees to Tree Barber Enterprises, you can be confident the wildlife is protected. Save your regrets, and contact us to schedule an estimate for all tree care services including Tree Trimming and Tree Removal.