San Marcos Tree Services

Providing Quality Tree Services to San Marcos

Tree Barber has been providing a complete range of Tree Services to San Marcos in North County San Diego since 1983. Our owner, Paul Rider, is an Arborist certified by the International Society of Arboriculture and is highly knowledgeable in all aspects of tree care including pest/insect control. We adhere to the current industry standards to enhance the health, beauty, and safety of your trees.

We are licensed by the California State License Board (#455993) and carry full liability and workers compensation insurance. North County residents have trusted Tree Barber’s expertise for over 30 years; we satisfy our customers.

Tree Services

Tree Pruning

San Marcos has an ideal coastal influence to its inland position hilly landscape. Trees that are Pruned properly enhance not only your property but the entire community. We provide pruning services including lacing, thinning, skirting, reduction and removing deadwood.

Tree Removal & Stump Grinding

Tree Removal is one of the most dangerous aspects of tree care. It’s imperative to hire a professional, knowledge arborist who is extensively trained in safe tree removal. Unhealthy trees may need to be removed for various reasons, but trees in areas that experience high winds, such as many inland valleys, are more prone to breakage which poses a safety hazard and should ultimately be removed.  We have all the necessary equipment for removals stump grinding to ensure safety and efficiency.

Insect & Disease Management

Paul Rider is a licensed pest control applicator highly knowledgeable in insect and disease identification and management. Some of the more common insects found in San Marcos and the surrounding North County areas are bark-boring beetles. Currently, the Pine Bark Beetle is causing an epidemic and rapidly spreading. A Certified Arborist should assess your trees and treat the insects before further damage is caused.