Tree Protection 101: How to Protect Your Trees During the 2020 San Diego County Fire Season

For decades, the destructive wildfires of California’s fire season have been a major hazard for the communities of North San Diego County.

Even the smallest, most short-lived fires can wreak havoc on your home and the areas around it. What are you doing to ensure the survival of your home or business’ trees?

If your answer was “nothing”, then you run the risk of scorched trees that are not only eyesores but also costly to remove.

Be prepared for the 2020 fire season and protect your North County San Diego trees with these tree protection tips!

Tree Protection for San Diego Trees

Fires can affect residential trees in a variety of ways. They can be completely consumed by the flames, reduced to ashes or they can merely be singed. Either way, wildfires can harm your landscaping if your tree care does not involve fire protection!

Keep reading this guide to learn more about how you can help your trees survive for decades to come.

Tree Health

It’s a known fact that only the strongest trees survive harsh conditions or events like wildfires. A tree’s health determines how strong and resilient that tree is, so fire protection begins with the basic care and maintenance of your trees.

Preventative tree care and safety pruning can mean the difference between life and death for your trees. Many trees benefit greatly from having weak or diseased branches pruned, making them stronger and less dangerous.

Remove Problem Trees

Trees that are dying or dried are also more susceptible to catching fire. That is why it is always crucial that you remove dead trees to reduce the risk of spreading the wildfire even further!

Even if your property already has trees that have been severely burned, you should have them removed immediately by a quality service company like Tree Barber Enterprises! By doing so, you reduce the threat of a falling tree or falling limbs.

Thinning and Spacing

Trees are nothing but fuel to a wildfire! The method of thinning and spacing out your trees can reduce fire damage.

The process of thinning includes the removal of smaller, insignificant trees while maintaining larger ones and keeping them protected. By thinning from below, you are increasing the distance between the tree crowns, removing “ladder fuels” and slowing the spread of the fire.

The general rule for tree fire protection is that each tree should be widely spaced at least one dominant tree crown width apart. When trees are spaced like this, crown fires are significantly less likely to occur.

Tree Resilience

Some types of trees are more resilient when it comes to withstanding wildfire while others are not. Some trees will recuperate, some will re-sprout and some will die off completely if affected by fire.

By incorporating these fire-resistant trees into your residential landscape, you are already one step ahead of reducing the risk of fire when it comes to the protection of your trees!

Here are some of the trees that can survive forest fires:

  • Mediterranean Cypress
  • Coast Live Oak
  • Flowering Horse-Chestnut
  • Japanese Elm
  • American Mountain Ash
  • Southern Magnolia
  • Ponderosa Pine

If you are a North County San Diego county resident, you might want to consider purchasing from this list since you can count on their durability and resilience!

Survive the Fire Season

As long as you are doing your part to protect your trees, they will be more likely to survive the 2020 fire season and stand tall for years to come.

If you found this information helpful, check out our other posts about all things tree protection or call us today so we can help you start protecting your San Diego trees now!

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