Tree Health And Fertilization

A happy tree is a healthy tree…
It’s true that a happy tree is a healthy tree. The healthier your trees are, the less chance of insect or disease damage. While we believe that proper pruning is probably the most important practice to ensure strong healthy trees, we also know that root health and proper soil care is also necessary.


Fertilizing improves the vitality of your trees, encourages insect and disease resistance while cultivating growth. In San Diego County’s urban environment, trees often suffer from some nutrient deficiency due to competition with other trees and plants. Tree Barber’s Certified Arborist will help you to understand proper soil care treatment options such as fertilizing, mulching and root pruning.

Fertilization Benefits
How To Fertilize

▸Tree Disease & Insects

Visit our page on Pest & Disease Control to learn more about diseases that your trees may have or get in the future.

▸Tree Planting

Choosing the right tree for your property can be difficult. Our arborist can provide you with recommended trees, purchase and install them. Proper planting and soil care is essential from the beginning and will help keep your trees healthy and beautiful.

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Utility Friendly Tree Planting
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